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Maternity Photography

Most women would agree that pregnancy is the most enjoyable and

special time in a woman's life.

Why not take the opportunity to capture that moment for years to come!

The best window of opportunity to have the most beautiful maternity memories created, is between 30 and 35 weeks, depending on the type of pregnancy, as every woman carries the baby differently. However, some women have come for last minute sessions, a day before giving birth.

If it is a low-risk pregnancy, it's best if you book the session 3 weeks in advance. However, if it is a multiple pregnancy or you have pre-eclampsia or any other risk factor for early delivery, I will endeavor to get you a spot within short notice, so you can still have the opportunity to have your pregnancy captured.

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Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

When I first had my babies, everyone around was saying how beautifully new babies smell, and the little noises they make when they stretch or just starting to wake up.

All those things we forget as they grow, but looking at the captured moments of those first days of their lives, brings back memories of those little things that we thought we forgot.

Fortunately, the images are there to take us back and remind us how special those past moments were.  

The best time to do a newborn session, is in the first 10 days, as they are the most sleepy and quite "moldable". However, unlike some  photographers, I do take newborn photos of babies older than 10 days, as there is always a way to pose them., and to be creative with all ages.

With premature babies, depending how early they were born, it's best if you wait until their due date.

However, if you wish to have some early day moments captured, I can come to the hospital and capture some natural bonding shots of your baby and you - Depending on the current COVID regulations.

Becoming a mum is great experience,  so why not learn a bit more about the changes the body goes through and what to expect.

How amazing is the miracle of giving birth!

Chat with mums that are going through the same things and how similar or different your pregnancies are.

A few years back I was enjoying my pregnancies and I wish I had this much information that's available just 7 years later. 

Visit these links to gather some information: 

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Enjoy bonding with your baby after birth and having these moments captured, in the luxury of the Park Hyatt Hotel or other selected luxury hotels in Melbourne.

More information visit Park Hyatt

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