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How to prepare your kids and family for a photo session

The best time of day  for on location photography is late afternoon, which is couple of hours before sunset, or morning, 2-3 hours after sunrise.  This ensures we get the best quality light, however living in Melbourne we are lucky to have such great places that we can get good quality  photos at any time of day. Please be aware that if it is raining on the day, we’ll need to reschedule. We’ll discuss backup dates during the booking process.

If you have small children, as you know, they are most playful in the morning hours, therefore its best if we do the small kids photo shoot in the morning, also make sure they are well fed and bring a water bottle to keep them refreshed and energized throughout the photo shoot.



What to wear?

General rule of clothing for family photo shoot is to stay away from big patterns and overwhelming prints.

Textures are always nice and you could accessorise to accent certain colours in the outfit.

Since usually the family photos are displayed in the room that we spend most time in and put most effort decorating ,

it's best if you look around your décor to see what colour scheme you are most attracted to

( bright colour, neutrals and  etc. ) 

 What to bring? 

Try to think of some of your kids favorite toys or games that your family usually loves to play together. I will be the best way to bring out the most natural, happy and playful personality in you and your children. 

At the location shoot, we can start off with the playground activities if any near by and If its the beach area that we arrange the photo shoot to be, the beach will naturally bring out everybody's  enjoyment and happiness. 

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