How to prepare for your Cake Smash Session. . .


A cake smash photo session is a fun, joyful way to celebrate your little ones first birthday. Imagine your baby’s surprise, curiosity and delight as they get their first taste of sugar. A cake smash is a great way to express your baby’s unique personality in a relaxed and carefree way.


What to expect?


First we start with some pre-Cake Smash portraits being taken of your child, it could be also your family or baby’s siblings if you wish. As we found that sometimes babies like to get familiar with the surrounding and seek comfort from their own family to start off the session. After that we bring out the cake.


When to schedule?


You can book as far in advance as you like, this ensures you get a spot close to your little one's 1st birthday. Recommended time is about 10 or 11 months, specially if you are planning to incorporate these photos into the 1st birthday party set up or birthday invites


What to bring?


Please bring a change of clothes for the both of you, as the frosting can quite literally get everywhere. A few of your child’s favourite toys may also be a good idea too for comforting and distracting them at the beginning of the session.

  • A towel or two for the baby’s bubble bath.

  • You can choose to bring your own personalised bunting with your child’s name on it if you wish. If you are wondering where to go for that we suggest:   enter code CAKESMASH10 to receive 10% another one is

  • Or for more inspiration  go to




What to wear?


It’s up to you and can be as casual or dressy as you like. Most people choose to bring along a couple of outfits, usually one for the

"pre-cake‟ portraits and the other for the "Cake Smash" itself.

I love bare bellies on little ones for the "cake smash" teamed with tutus, and onesies or jeans. Feel free to dress and accessorize your child however you please. Please remember that their clothing will end up covered in frosting so don’t dress them in something that you would be upset if it got ruined.


Fruit Smash Sessions



There are lots of parents that don't like to give

their young children sugary sweet.

As an alternative we do Fruit Smash Sessions!!!


Have your child have fun with delicious favourite fruit.

We usually use fruit of the season. 

You just tell us which one your child favours,

also what colour theme you would like to go with. 

Just imagine all that wonderful, juicy and colourful fruit 

nicely arranged on the plate.

Your baby will thoroughly enjoy and feel comfortable

playing with the very familiar texture and taste!

Information on various Investment  options and outfits available: 


These are some examples, however there are more to pick from in the boys section, colourful bow-ties and shorts.

Also, the props are picked according your theme desires.






























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Simple Package


Advanced Package


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